Civil and Structural
Engineering Services
Related to:
- Floor slab crack repair
- Raised foundation repair / replacement
- Foundation underpinning and releveling
- Drainage improvements
- HUD foundation compliance reports for manufactured home financing

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Civil Engineer

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Initial Evalution:

The basic evaluation is performed for a fee and includes the evaluation of the property and a detailed narrative report summarizing the findings of the evaluation. Our inspection includes specific repair recommendations (if needed) at no additional charge, provided that any repairs which may be deemed advisable are relatively simple and do not require soil testing, design calculations, or the preparation of extensive specifications.

Follow-Up Services:

After the initial evaluation has been completed, our report will offer additional Follow-up Services to monitor the repairs if foundation and/or drainage work is recommended.  Depending on the complexity of those repairs, for an additional fee, we will observe the in-progress repairs and then return at the completion of the work to confirm the work was conducted according to our specific recommendations.  A Certification Letter will be issued at this time.
The fees for this additional service will vary depending upon the number of visits required. A simple repair will require only one visit, while a very extensive repair could require a total of three visits.

The engineering certification is a very important part in retaining an engineer for a project.  If a property being repaired is involved in a real estate transaction, most lenders require an engineer to “sign off” on the repairs before they fund a loan.  Additionally, for owners or sellers of a property, it can help to limit personal liability.


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