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In San Diego County, raised foundations are mostly found in older homes built prior to the 1950’s, although newer construction on slopes and hilly terrain will also use this type of foundation.  Raised foundations typically consist of a stemwall and footings which support the roof load and the perimeter exterior walls.  The middle portion of the house with its floor joist and girder system is supported by wood posts and concrete piers.  Traditionally, the foundation stemwall along with the footing is made of concrete; however, they can be made with concrete blocks, etc.

The footings are buried below the soil.

Foundation Movement Indicators:

  • Horizontal or Vertical cracks in the stemwall
  • Stucco cracks especially around windows and doors
  • Deteriorated or crumbling concrete in foundation walls (due to age and moisture)
  • Damp or wet crawlspace with signs of moisture intrusion on stemwalls (efflorescence)
  • Piers or posts leaning or damaged by moisture, termites, etc.
  • Unlevel or sagging floors
  • Significant cracking in the walls and/or the ceiling

Repairs Methods for Raised Foundations:

  • Epoxy Repair of Stemwalls
  • Steel Reinforcement plates over stemwall cracks
  • Remove & Replace part or all of perimeter stemwall
  • Post & Pier repair or replacement with floor leveling
  • Stabilization or underpinning of the footings.
  • Drainage improvements.
  • Seismic upgrades (bolting sill plates to stemwalls)


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