Civil and Structural
Engineering Services
Related to:
- Floor slab crack repair
- Raised foundation repair / replacement
- Foundation underpinning and releveling
- Drainage improvements
- HUD foundation compliance reports for manufactured home financing

Gary Sniffin

Civil Engineer

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Residential Structural Foundation Evaluations:

For both Slab-on-Grade and Raised foundation properties, our service is to provide an evaluation of the structural integrity of the dwellings foundation.  Our inspection is based solely upon a visual examination of the exterior and interior of the property and consists of the following features:

  • Exterior siding and interior ceilings and walls for significant cracking andother signs of movement.

  • Doors and door frames will be examined for fit and squareness.
  • On Raised Foundation dwellings, the accessible portions of the crawlspace will be entered and examined for signs of distress or deterioration.
  • Slab-on-Grade properties will have a manometer used to perform a random floor level survey to determine the possibility of any differential
    settlement and/or movement which may have occurred.
  • Outside doors, windows, patios, all flatwork, driveways, and chimneys are observed for any signs of distress or movement.

  • The perimeter of the dwelling is also examined for any signs of drainage or water-related issues, or tree root problems.

An Engineers Report will be provided after the evaluation (emailed within 24 hours) and will include the following:

  • Findings & Opinions (observations of interior / exterior)
  • Recommendations (Summary of repairs required if needed)
  • Follow-up Services (Retaining us to monitor/certify repairs)
  • Closing
  • Appendix (Specific repair recommendations)

Our findings will also include detailed repair recommendations.  This report will be emailed within 24 hours of the evaluation.

HUD Mfg. Home Foundation Compliance Reports:

For HUD financing for manufactured home loans, most lenders require a compliance report to certify the foundation meets HUD guidelines regarding permanent foundations.

This evaluation is to evaluate and confirm the manufactured home foundation is in compliance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing dated September, 1996.  A copy of  Form 433A - “Notice of Manufactured Home , (Mobilehome), or Commercial Coach Installation recorded with the County of San Diego will need to be provided by the client / agents to perform the evaluation.

All evaluations are performed on a visual basis, without the removal or lifting of carpeting or removal of any other types of flooring.  No soil samples will be taken, and no soil tests will be performed.



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